Dissertation Review Services

Our dissertation review initiative helps people review their dissertation to the utmost point so that the final dissertation presented is flawless and exemplary.

Dissertation Review

Dissertation HK is an experienced and trusted organization when it comes to providing feedback on dissertations. We analyze and provide you with an honest feedback on how you can present a dissertation which will not disappoint you on your big day.

Expert Help Is What Does The Job!

While presenting the final dissertation of PhD it is not just your work which matters but also how you are able to present it and defend it. Dissertation review is a process of going through a dissertation in a stepwise manner, analyzing, and providing a sincere feedback. We, at Dissertation HK, take complete responsibility in providing you with an honest feedback so that you can present your work in the most exemplary way. Our team consists of experts who are doctorates from various fields, and language experts which remove language as a barrier and to help improve the language of your paper.

We have a strict policy on confidentiality, and we make sure that your work remains safe with us.Also, our website uses the best online security available. This ensures all your personal information and files are secure.

In-Depth content Review

Content review is one of the major editing services we provide. In the statistical content review, we provide a thorough review of the project design, methodology, and statistical/analysis plan. In the editorial content review, our editors read the documents and give suggestions about explaining, changing, rearranging, elaborating or reducing content. Editors ensure that only valuable information that qualifies as intellectual, academic content is included in the final document.

In-Text Citations Check and Formatting

One of the major challenges a dissertation writing scholar experiences is finding right sources. Our team ensures that all your sources are included in the text of your document and reference list through in- text citation check.After in-text citation check, our editors confirm correct formatting in the in-text citations by checking for spellings mistakes, alphabetization and punctuation throughout the document.

Reference Formatting

Formatting styles can be tricky at times. Different universities and different fields of study require different formatting for the reference list.Our team of editors are expertized in APA, AMA, Chicago, Turabian, MLA, and other style guides. They can help you with whatever is required by your field and institution.

Language Editing

Our team consists PhD editors, who will check for the spellings, grammatical errors, sentence construction, tone, voice and punctuations throughout the document. We will ensure that your work is judged for its content and not rejected because of mis-spellings and broken grammar.

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This Is How We Work

  • Step-by-step review of your work.
  • Honest feedback.
  • Expert consultation on final presentation.
  • Professional approach to present an exemplary dissertation.
  • In-depth analysis of data, methodology and conclusion.
  • An earnest preparation for final defense.
  • NO language barrier.
  • NO compromise on confidentiality.